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1 x Freedom Fanfare from the Suite for Band
1 x Symphony for Band (1995)
1 x Distant Calls from the Suite for Band
1 x University Scenes for Wind Ensemble (1999)
1 x Festive Processional for Horn and Band
1 x Concerto for Horn and Wind Ensemble (1987)
1 x March from the Suite for Band
1 x Auburn Echoes Symphonic Band
1 x Suite for Band (2006)
1 x Interval Etudes for Trombone or Bassoon (2005)
1 x Winter Landsdcape for Woodwind Quintet (1999)
1 x Four Grounds for Oboe or Soprano Saxophone, Horn and Timpani by William Presser
1 x Auburn Echoes for Horn, Flute, and Piano (1997)
1 x Prelude, Scherzo, Elegy and Finale for Clarinet, Trombone, and Mallet Percussion
1 x Five Duets for Flute and Horn by William Presser
1 x Three American Portraits for Flute, Clarinet and Piano
1 x Nocturne for Alto Saxophone, Violin, and Piano (1992)
1 x Horn Call for Horn and Electronic Media (1976)
1 x Call and Response for Solo Horn (1997)
1 x Three Pieces for Solo Horn by William Presser
1 x Mazasha for Solo Horn (1985)
1 x Dreams of Casbah for Solo Natural Horn
1 x Harmonielehre for Solo Horn (1996)
1 x Prelude for Solo Horn (1974)
1 x Musica Sonante for Horn Alone by David Deason
2 x Time Spaces/Sound Spaces - HORN
1 x Carols for Brass, Set 2 arranged by Richard Price
1 x Fantasy for Tuba and Piano (1985)
1 x Quintet for Horns and Tuba by William Presser
1 x Carols for Brass, Set 3 arranged by Richard Price
1 x Carols for Brass, Set 1 arranged by Richard Price
1 x Time Spaces/Sound Spaces - TROMBONE, EUPHONIUM, TUBA
1 x Ten Trios, Opus 82 for Horn, Trombone, and Tuba by Antonin Reicha
1 x 15 Trios, Opus 85 for Horn, Trombone, and Tuba by Antonie-Louis Clapisson
1 x The Advancing Hornist, Volume I: The Singing Hornist by Marvin C. Howe, Edited by Randall E. Faust
1 x Method for the French Horn by Marvin C. Howe
1 x The Advancing Hornist, Volume II: The Expressive Hornist by Marvin C. Howe, Edited by Randall E. Faust
1 x A Hornist's Handbook of Studies for Flexibility and Technical Development by Randall E. Faust
1 x Rangesongs for Horn by Rose French
1 x The Hornist's Jokebook: New Etudes for Horn by Randall Faust (1994)
2 x The Rules of the Game by Christopher Leuba
1 x Interval Etudes for Horn (2001) by Randall E. Faust
1 x Thirty Two Etudes for Horn by Fiorillo - transcribed by Orrin Olson
1 x Celebration: Horn Music of Randall Faust
1 x Camerata Woodwind Quintet
1 x For You: Music for French Horn and Piano
1 x New American Masters, Volume 3
1 x Time Passages: A Collection of 20th Century Music for Trumpet (Cd)
1 x The Contemporary Natural Horn
1 x Horn Muse
1 x A Horn Museum
1 x Arnold Jacobs: Song and Wind written by Brian Frederiksen
1 x Fantasies On American Themes