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Long Tone Duets 1-24

Track 1: F Major     

Track 2: D minor     

Track 3: B-flat Major 

Track 4: G minor 

Track 5: E-flat Major 

Track 6: C minor 

Track 7: A-flat Major 

Track 8: F minor 

Track 9: D-flat Major 

Track 10: B-flat minor 

Track 11: G-flat Major 

Track 12: E-flat minor

Track 13: B Major 

Track 14: G-sharp minor 

Track 15: E Major 

Track 16: C-sharp minor 

Track 17: A Major 

Track 18: F-sharp minor 

Track 19: D Major 

Track 20: B minor 

Track 21: G Major 

Track 22: E minor 

Track 23: C Major 

Track 24: A minor