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  1. The Hornist's Jokebook

    Starting at: $6.00

    SCHERZI for physical and mental flexibility. Grade: 4-5 Learn More
  2. Advancing Hornist, Volume II: The Expressive Hornist by Marvin C. Howe, Edited by Randall E. Faust

    Intermediate to Advanced Studies-a continuation and development of studies from Volume I. Contents include Descending Scale Studies; Legato and Articulation Studies; Smooth and rhythmically sophisticated Melodies in Major, Minor, and Modal Scales; Lip Slurs; and Marvin Howe's previously unpublished articles on the Exhale Warm-Up and the Squeak Buzz.

    Grade: 4-6

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  3. Advancing Hornist, Volume I: The Singing Hornist by Marvin C. Howe, Edited by Randall E. Faust

    Intermediate to Advanced Studies continuing the style of Marvin Howe's Method for French Horn. Contents include Long-tone Duets, Descending Scale Studies, Articulation Studies, Lip Slurs in a variety of Registers and Rhythms, Smooth Melodies and Duets in Major, Minor, and Modal Scales, studies in Transposition, and Marvin Howe's previously unpublished paper presented at the 1991 International Horn Symposium: The Refinement of Tone Production. Grade: 4-6

    Audio for Long Tone Duets: Track 1: F Major Track 2: D minor

    Additional Long Tone Duets

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  4. A Hornist's Handbook of Studies for Flexibility and Technical Development by Randall E. Faust

    Randall Faust's comprehensive horn studio handbook of technical studies. Contents include studies in Long Tones, Scales, Intervals, Scales in Intervals, Lip Trills, Lip Slurs, Articulation, Arpeggios, Stopped Horn, Dynamic Range, and Warm-ups.

    Grade: 3-6
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  5.  Method for the French Horn by Marvin C. Howe


    Since 1950, the standard beginning Method Book for Horn. Well ordered and refined presentations of the concepts of tone production, articulation, transposition, and bass-clef reading. A good introduction to major and minor keys through many smooth melodies and duets. This is a source of many popular lip slur exercises.


    Grade: 1-4

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  6. Interval Etudes for Horn

    Starting at: $6.00

    New and accessible studies based on each of the intervals from the Minor Second through the Major Seventh. Grade: 4 Learn More

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