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  1. A Horn Museum

    A Horn Museum, the Valved Horn. Willard Zirk, Horn and Garik Pederson, Piano.


    • Adagio and Allegro, Op. 70, Robert Schumann
    • Nocturno, Op. 7, Franz Strauss
    • Rondo in B flat, Arnold Cooke
    • Reveries, Op. 24, Alexander Glazunov
    • Restive Rondo, Richard Cioffari
    • Romanza, Jan Koetsier
    • Second Piece, Eugene Gigot
    • Berceuse, Op. 19, Jean-Michel Damase
    • En Foret, Eugene Bozza
    • Alla Caccia, Alan Abbott


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  2. Arnold Jacobs: Song and Wind written by Brian Frederiksen
    Arnold Jacobs is recognized as both the master performer and the foremost teacher of wind instruments. Finally, there is the definitive boon on his career.  Written by Mr. Jacob' assistant, Brian Frederiksen, material comes from masterclasses, private interviews, previously published writings and contributions from his students and colleagues.
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  3. Camerata Woodwind Quintet
    Woodwind Quintets by Hetu, Iannaccone, & Steinmetz. Andrea Redcay Graves, flute; Michael Ericson, oboe; Eric Ginsberg, clarinet; Douglas Huff, bassoon; and Randall Faust, horn. (Crystal Records)
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  4. Celebration: Horn Music of Randall Faust

    MSR CLASSICS, 1168. Andrew Pelletier, horn; Jason Aquila, piano, Hyung Ja Kim, piano; and Brian Rotz, organ.

    HORN CALL for Horn and Electronic Media (1976)
    CONCERTO for Horn and Wind Ensemble (1987/2006)
    CALL AND RESPONSE for Solo Horn (1997)
    THREE ENGLISH FOLK SONGS for Horn and Piano (2006)
    RONDO for Horn and Piano (1997)
    DECLAMATION--Fantasy Variations for Horn and Harpsichord (2004)
    FESTIVE PROCESSIONAL for Horn and Organ (2001-2002)
    MEDITATION for Horn and Organ (1983)
    CELEBRATION for Horn and Organ (1974)
    FANTASY on "Von Himmel Hoch" for Horn and Organ (2001)

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  5. CONVERSATIONS with Dan Perantoni, Gail Williams & Friends

    This CD includes: Divertimento for Horn, Tuba and Piano by David R. Gillingham; Dialogues III for Horn and Tuba by John Stevens; Suite No. 1 for French Horn, Tuba and Piano by Alec Wilder; Dialogue for Horn, Tuba and Piano by Anthony Plog; and  Triangles for Horn, Trombone, and Tuba by John Stevens

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  6. David Griffin - For You - Music for French Horn and Piano

    Recorded by Chicago Symphony Hornist David Griffin. Includes Call and Response for Solo Horn.

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  7. Fantasies On American Themes

    Music by William Presser and Randall Faust. A
    valuable recording for horn teachers, students and music libraries featuring
    Randall Faust and Roger Collins, horn; Cary Lewis, piano; John Lindsey, violin.

    CD includes: 

    • Three American Folk Songs for Two Horns and Piano, Randall Faust
    • Fantasy on the Hymn Tune "The Mouldering Vine" for Horn and Piano, William Presser
    • Rhapsody on a Peaceful Theme for Horn, Violin, and Piano, William Presser
    • Sonatina for Horn and Piano, William Presser
    • Elegy and Caprice for Horn and Piano, William Presser
    • Three Pieces for Horn: I, William Presser
    • Prelude for Solo Horn, Randall Faust
    • Harmonielehre for Solo Horn, Randall Faust
    • Call and Response for Solo Horn, Randall Faust
    • Rondo for Horn and Piano, Randall Faust
    • Auburn Echoes for Horn, Violin, and Piano, Randall Faust
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  8. Horn Muse
    Gail Williams, horn
    CD includes -- Dana Wilson, Shallow Streams, Deep Rivers; Douglas Hill, A Set of Songs and Dances; Dana Wilson, Musings; and Anthony Plog, Horn Quartet No. 1. Learn More
  9. Keys to Transposition
    Horn players need to transpose, yet until now, there has not been a complete method devoted to teaching this essential skill. This method begins by explaining why horn parts need to be transposed and then uses this historical information to provide the hornist with a concrete strategy to master transposition. After building skills through exercises, excerpts from the horn literature are presented for practical application. Helpful transposition tips, practice techniques, and musical advice enhance the musical examples. Learn More
  10. New American Masters, Volume 3
    World premiere recordings by Palisades Virtuosi. Includes Three American Portraits for Flute, Clarinet, and Piano by Randall E. Faust.
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