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  1. The Hornist's Jokebook

    Starting at: $6.00

    SCHERZI for physical and mental flexibility. Grade: 4-5 Learn More
  2. Fantasies On American Themes

    Music by William Presser and Randall Faust. A
    valuable recording for horn teachers, students and music libraries featuring
    Randall Faust and Roger Collins, horn; Cary Lewis, piano; John Lindsey, violin.

    CD includes: 

    • Three American Folk Songs for Two Horns and Piano, Randall Faust
    • Fantasy on the Hymn Tune "The Mouldering Vine" for Horn and Piano, William Presser
    • Rhapsody on a Peaceful Theme for Horn, Violin, and Piano, William Presser
    • Sonatina for Horn and Piano, William Presser
    • Elegy and Caprice for Horn and Piano, William Presser
    • Three Pieces for Horn: I, William Presser
    • Prelude for Solo Horn, Randall Faust
    • Harmonielehre for Solo Horn, Randall Faust
    • Call and Response for Solo Horn, Randall Faust
    • Rondo for Horn and Piano, Randall Faust
    • Auburn Echoes for Horn, Violin, and Piano, Randall Faust
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  3. Advancing Hornist, Volume II: The Expressive Hornist by Marvin C. Howe, Edited by Randall E. Faust

    Intermediate to Advanced Studies-a continuation and development of studies from Volume I. Contents include Descending Scale Studies; Legato and Articulation Studies; Smooth and rhythmically sophisticated Melodies in Major, Minor, and Modal Scales; Lip Slurs; and Marvin Howe's previously unpublished articles on the Exhale Warm-Up and the Squeak Buzz.

    Grade: 4-6

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  4. Advancing Hornist, Volume I: The Singing Hornist by Marvin C. Howe, Edited by Randall E. Faust

    Intermediate to Advanced Studies continuing the style of Marvin Howe's Method for French Horn. Contents include Long-tone Duets, Descending Scale Studies, Articulation Studies, Lip Slurs in a variety of Registers and Rhythms, Smooth Melodies and Duets in Major, Minor, and Modal Scales, studies in Transposition, and Marvin Howe's previously unpublished paper presented at the 1991 International Horn Symposium: The Refinement of Tone Production. Grade: 4-6

    Audio for Long Tone Duets: Track 1: F Major Track 2: D minor

    Additional Long Tone Duets

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  5. A Hornist's Handbook of Studies for Flexibility and Technical Development by Randall E. Faust

    Randall Faust's comprehensive horn studio handbook of technical studies. Contents include studies in Long Tones, Scales, Intervals, Scales in Intervals, Lip Trills, Lip Slurs, Articulation, Arpeggios, Stopped Horn, Dynamic Range, and Warm-ups.

    Grade: 3-6
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  6. 21 Lieder for Horn and Piano by Franz Schubert, vol 1, transcribed and edited by Kazimierz Machala

    A wonderful collection of 11 classic Schubert songs set here for horn in F and piano. This volume includes: Wohin?; Du Bist die Ruh (My Peace Thou Art); Liebe schwarmt auf allen Wegen (Love Wanders on Every Road); Fruhlingssehnsucht (Springtide Longings); Wiegenlied (Cradle Song); Heiden-Roslein (Hedge Roses); Gretchen am Spinnrade (Margaret at the Spinning Wheel); Die Forelle (The Trout); An die Musik (To Music); Ellens zweiter Gesang (Ellen's Second Song); Nacht und Traume (Night & Dreams). The recording of Richard King playing these selections is available here: 21 Schubert Lieder, Richard King, horn

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  7.   Solo Studies for the Healthy Hornist for Solo Horn (2022)

    Starting at: $10.00

    This collection: Solo Studies for the Healthy Hornist contains ten solos of varying styles. Specifically written for the younger student in mind, the studies in this book will be interesting and challenging to more advanced players as well. When I retired from Western Illinois University in 2018, the focus of my teaching changed. No longer was I working with graduate students-or even undergraduate students who were doing more advanced projects on Wagner Tuba or the Natural Horn; many of my students, then, were in the younger years of high school or junior high school. So, even though I was older, I was spending more time with younger students. So, as I was spending more time teaching these younger students, I became more attuned to their activities in band, dance, and various athletic pursuits. As a result, let me give special thanks to these students who provided inspiration and test runs of these solo studies: Noah, Ernesto, Jack, Elena, Emily, Anabelle, Lorelei, Brooks, and Carter. Their energy and imagination have been an inspiration for these Solo Studies. Learn More
  8. Interval Etudes for Horn

    Starting at: $6.00

    New and accessible studies based on each of the intervals from the Minor Second through the Major Seventh. Grade: 4 Learn More

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